Classroom Management Professional Development


 Professional development in the CHAMPS program over the course of one year will help teachers in schools throughout the district:

  • Improve classroom behavior (on-task, work completion, cooperation)
  • Establish clear classroom behavior expectations with logical and fair responses to misbehavior
  • Motivate students to put forth their best efforts (perseverance, pride in work)
  • Reduce misbehavior (disruptions, disrespect, non-compliance)
  • Increase academic engagement, resulting in improved test scores
  • Spend less time disciplining students and more time teaching them
  • Teach students to behave respectfully and to value diversity, thereby reducing cultural differences that may manifest as misbehavior
  • Feel empowered and happy to be in the classroom
  • Develop a common language about behaviors among all staff
  • Create a plan for orienting and supporting new staff
  • Reduce staff burnout

During staff development sessions, teachers will learn how to:

  • Establish a vision for their classrooms
  • Organize classrooms for student success
  • Prepare for the first month of school
  • Specify classroom behavioral expectations
  • Motivate even the most uncooperative students
  • Monitor and revise classroom behavioral plans
  • Correct specific misbehaviors

Teacher Encyclopedia:

Comprehensive and insightful, the Teacher's Encyclopedia offers more than 500 easy-to-implement intervention plans, covering over 100 common classroom problems, including:

  • Arguing—Students with the teacher and students with each other
  • Blaming others/Excuses for everything
  • Cliques/Ganging up
  • Forgetting materials
  • Homework issues
  • Problems with transitions
  • Work completion—Daily work

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