Child Find Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Child Find is...
  • part of the school system in each county of the FDLRS Gulfcoast service region
  • a resource and referral service
  • available at no cost

Child Find provides...
  • information regarding programs and services available for children with special needs and their families
  • screening in the areas of overall development, speech/language, coordination, behavior, social skills, vision, and hearing
  • assistance in obtaining appropriate educational evaluations
  • transition of children from services in other community agency programs

Referrals may be made by anyone including...
  • parent/guardian
  • an agency involved with the family
  • school, preschool, or child care provider
  • medical personnel
  • friend or family member


Who should be referred for screenings? 

A child who is suspected of having delays which may affect learning and is not currently enrolled in a public school program. The primary focus is on pre-school aged children.

What is the cost of the screening?

All screening services are offered free of charge.

What do you do at screenings?

Professionals observe and administer assessments in the areas of speech, language, hearing, visions, and development. Additional information is obtained from the parent/guardian at the time of the screening.

How long will it take?

The screening, conference with the parent, and the paper work may require 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Where do the screenings take place?

Screenings are held in various locations in each of the three FDLRS Gulfcoast counties.

What happens after my child has been screened?

Based on screening results, your child may be scheduled for more in-depth evaluations to assist in determining eligibility for special education services.