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 FDLRS Human Resources  Development (HRD) function personnel  collaboratively plan and provide information, professional development, technical assistance/consultation and resources related to effective instructional strategies and models for the education of children and youth who are exceptional and/or have unique needs based on locally assessed needs and established priorities.
HRD services include needs assessments and personnel development with multi-level professional development activities at the awareness, comprehensive, integration, application, and follow-up levels.
For more information on HRD services in your area, contact FDLRS Gulfcoast Associate Center HRD Specialist.


Florida DOE Online Professional Development



FDLRS Gulfcoast  Professional Development

• Access to the General Curriculum

• Accommodations/Modifications

• Algebraic Thinking and Mathematics Strategies

• Assessment

• Developmentally Appropriate Practices

• Classroom Management

• Strategies for Behavior Management

• Collaborative/Co-Teaching Model

• Differentiated Instruction

• Disability Awareness

• Explicit Instruction

• Florida Standards and ACCESS Points

• IDEA Implementation

• Instructional Strategies

• Instructional Modalities/ Learning Styles

• Least Restrictive Environment

• Matrix of Services

• Measurable Annual Goals

• Positive Behavior Supports

• Quality IEPs and Facilitated IEPs

• Small Group Planning and Problem-Solving Process (SGPPS) Facilitation

• Strategic Instruction Model (Content Enhancement, Learning Strategies)

• Support for FDOE Reading and STEM Initiatives

• The Responsive Classroom: Universally Designed and Differentiated

• Universal Design for Learning

• What Works for Elementary/Middle/HS

FDLRS Gulfcoast Technical Assistance

• Classroom Observations and Demonstrations

• Professional Learning Communities

• Best Practices in Working with Students with Disabilities


Teachers Rocking Technology Livebinder


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